Terms of Use


The present general conditions of use (below ' CGU ') describe the terms and the conditions in which the EXPATRIES TUNISIE company (below ' EXPATRIES TUNISIE ' ) supplies a computer service and with telecommunication by internet in the field of golf, accommodation and real estate (below the ' Service ') on its site web www.expatries-tunisie.com (below ' Site ') to the user (below ' user ').

The access to this Service is subordinated to the respect of these CGU. Every user wishing to reach the Service must  have acquainted with these CGU and make a commitment to respect them without reserve.

1.Intellectual property

The presentation and each element, including the marks, logos and domain names, appearing on the Site are protected by the current laws on the intellectual property as well with regard to the form as with regard to each element of its contents, and belong at EXPATRIES TUNISIE or are the subject of an authorization of use.

Any representation total or partial of the Site by some process that it is, without the authorization express of EXPATRIES TUNISIE  is forbidden and would establish a forgery sanctioned by articles L.335-2 and following ones of the Code of the intellectual property. EXPATRIES TUNISIE reserves the right to pursue any infringement of its intellectual property rights.

In spite of, the conditions above, EXPATRIES TUNISIE grants nonexclusive and limited right authorizing the user to reproduce, modify, distribute any documents and materials  for download accessible and useful from the Site. This right is conferred to the user provided that it does not alter the contents posted on the Site, it keeps intact all copyright notices, trademark and other proprietary notices and agree to all provisions and comments can be attached to this contents, except opposite mention indicated on the Site.

The user is only responsible for the contents which it puts online through the Site ,as well as texts and/or opinions that he formulates. The user gives expressly and gracefully at EXPATRIES TUNISIE all intellectual property rights relative to it, including  the reproduction right,performance and adaptation for the legal duration of protection of copyright.

2.Informations and confidentiality

2.1. Registration form

The personal informations collected on the registration form of this site are intended exclusively at EXPATRIES TUNISIE.

On no account these entered personal informations will be disclosed to third parties except the providers or councils appointed by EXPATRIES TUNISIE

2.2. Collection of information during the consultation of the Site

At the time of the consultation of the Site, EXPATRIES TUNISIE collect personal data directly or indirectly nominative.

The personal data are recorded in the information systems of EXPATRIES TUNISIE or providers and councils elected by EXPATRIES TUNISIE.

The collected personal data can be used to keep the user informed of events, promotions or advertisements relating to the Service.

On no account these entered personal informations will be disclosed to third parties except the providers or councils appointed by EXPATRIES TUNISIE.

2.3. Personal data protection

In accordance with the law of January 6th, 1978 relative to data processing, the files, freedoms, the automated personal data processing realized from the Site, in particular during the seizure of the registration form or the consultation of the Site, was the object of declaration of the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms (CNIL) under number 1391477.

The user has the possibility of exercising this right by using the function ' Contactez-nous ' of the Site.

In the close of the account and in any purposes of proof, data concerning the user can be confidentially preserved and archived by EXPATRIES TUNISIE, according to the current laws.

3.Responsability of EXPATRIES TUNISIE

3.1. Informative character of the documents presented on the Site

The documents presented on the Site are considered reliable. However, these documents have only an informative character and can contain inaccuracies or errors.  They take no legal commitment and no contractual agreement on behalf of EXPATRIES TUNISIE.

EXPATRIES TUNISIE, its contributors as well as providers and councils appointed by EXPATRIES TUNISIE do not guarantee exactitude, the absence of error, the honest and commercial quality of the contained informations on the Site.

3.2. Obligation of means of EXPATRIES TUNISIE

Within the framework of present CGU, EXPATRIES TUNISIE is held with an obligation of means.

The user would not be to retain the responsibility for EXPATRIES TUNISIE, his contributors as providers and councils elected by EXPATRIES TUNISIE. in case of:

  • consequential damage and in particular in loss of profit, turnover resulting from an interruption of the Service, increase in the costs of access and data processing;
  • damage which could possibly be undergone by the technical environment of the user including, its computer, its software, its equipment networks, (modem, telephone) like any material used to access or use the Site, when the origin of the damage is outside the control of EXPATRIES TUNISIE;

4.Responsability of the user

The user engages so that the contents of the comments made on the forum are in accordance with the laws and regulations in France, and if necessary in the country from which the user publishes his comments.

Il is reminded that only the user is responsible for the contents which he diffuses on the Site, on no account EXPATRIES TUNISIE will be considered as responsible of the contents create by the user. The user engages so that the comments made on the Site are not obviously illicit or litigious. As such, the user guarantees EXPATRIES TUNISIE against any appeals, directly or indirectly founded on his comments and/or data, that may be brought by anyone against EXPATRIES TUNISIE. He commits himself in particular dealing with the payment of the sums, whatever they are, resulting from the appeal of a third party against EXPATRIES TUNISIE, including the fees of lawyer and court fees.

EXPATRIES TUNISIE reserves the right to remove whole or part of the contents of the user, at any time and for some reason of whether it is, without notice or preliminary justification. The user may assert no complaint as such.

5.Hypertext links

The Site proposes hyperlinks towards web sites published and/or managed by thirds.
Insofar as no control is exerted on these external resources, the user recognizes that the hyperlinks drawn up in the direction of other sites would not be to engage the responsibility for EXPATRIES TUNISIE, in particular as regards contents of these sites.


For the safety of the user and in order to improve quality of the Service, the Site uses cookies which are used to identify the user with each change of page on the Site. The fact of being opposed to the recording of cookies will prohibit to the user any access to protected space.


The access to certain sections of the Site requires the use of an identifier and a password. The password chosen by the user is personal and confidential. The user makes a commitment to keep secret his password and not to reveal it whatever shape it is. The use of the identifier and the password through internet is made at the risks and the dangers of the user. It is up to the user to take all the necessary measures allowing to protect its own data against any infringement.

8.Major force

The responsibility for EXPATRIES TUNISIE could not be committed in case of major force or of facts independent of its control.

9.Modification of the CGU

EXPATRIES TUNISIE reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions of these CGU constantly.

It is so recommended to the user to consult regularly the last version of the CGU present on the Site.

10.Duration and cancellation

The present CGU are concluded for an unlimited duration as from the use of the Service by the user.

11.Applicable right and competent jurisdiction

The user of the Service accepts that any litigation or objection related to its operation is regulated in front of the Commercial court of Tunis.


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