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  • How to Buy Property in Tunisia

    To buy a property in Tunisia, one must know several things.
    A foreigner can buy property in urban and residential areas but cannot buy agricultural land.
    The buyer must inquire with the owner of the property to determine whether the land is agricultural or residential.
    Also, the act of buying property in Tunisia is done by a lawyer and not by a notary as often done in France.
    The most important thing to remember is that the purchase of property by a foreigner is subject to the authorization of the governorate of the city or town where you buy.
    This authorization may take some time.
    This means that you initially sign a sale agreement by paying a portion of the proceeds, prices range from 10 to 15%; the final balance is payable after the approval of the governorate and the signing of the final deed.
    Be sure to take recommendations from lawyers from the Embassy of France website in Tunisia or your own lawyer to put you in touch with a real estate agent approved by the Tunisian State.
    Find out at a licensed agency of the situation of the property before any signature and disbursement of funds.
    Last thing, before any signature, you will need to open a bank account where the currency is convertible to Tunisian dinars in order to transfer funds from your bank in France for the purchase of your property.
    Note that a foreigner who buys property in Tunisia, registration fees are 1% (instead of 6%).

    How to Constitute your Mortgage

    Provide the following documents:
    1. The justification of your income
    For Employees:
    Recently working certificate
    Last three bank statements (from the banks with which you hold an account abroad and in Tunisia)
    Latest pay slip
    Consular card and residence card in effect
    Verification of tax payment
    For non Employees:
    Last three bank statements
    Proof of legal professional activity (declaration of revenue)
    Last three bank statements
    Consular card and residence card in effect
    Verification of tax payment
    2. Identity Proof
    A photocopy of your national identity card
    A photocopy of your Tunisian passport
    A photocopy of your residence card (in case of dual nationality, provide a photocopy of your foreign passport)
    Birth certificate





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